OurPets Play-N-Squeak Real Birds Interactive Cat Toys with Catnip (Cat Toys for Indoor Cats, Catnip Toys, Catnip Toys for Cats with Bird Chirping Electronic Sound and Feather)

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  • REALISTIC CHIRPING SOUND: The OurPets Real Birds cat toys feature an electronic sound module that, when batted, makes a realistic chirping bird sound, providing safe, indoor prey and fueling your cat's desire to stalk and chase.
  • PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: Physical activity from play acts as a workout, keeping cats physically fit and enriches the pet’s quality of life and fosters a healthy relationship between the pet and their parents.
  • MENTAL STIMULATION: Cats need mental stimulation from play to keep from being bored and to fulfill their hunting instincts.
  • RELEIVES STRESS, ANXIETY and BOREDOM: Play provides more than just exercise. Play also relieves anxiety, stress, and boredom. When indoor cats do not have toys to play with, that is when they supplement their playful instincts with anything they can find around the house; curtains, toes, shoelaces, etc.
  • CONTAINS CATNIP: Your cat is ensured a fulfilling play experience by providing them with a cat toy that has an enticing catnip scent. OurPets North-American-grown Cosmic Catnip has been grown to achieve the strongest, most aromatic catnip ever produced. When catnip is pinched, the aroma stored in the dried leaves is released, driving cats wild
  • Item Width: 0.916 Inches

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